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Adair MacLaine was sunshine and the storm.

Emerald-green eyes and attitude, I fell for her the moment we met

and hated her just as quickly. Five years ago, tragedy brought her

to my door and sparked a love that consumed us like wildfire—

hot, unpredictable, and impossible to control. We raged together until

her father made her choose between me and the family name.


I left. She stayed. 


I’m no longer the poor kid that lost her. I’ve made myself into a man that won’t

be ignored. Now her father is dead, the MacLaine empire is crumbling,

and Adair’s inheritance depends on the company’s largest investor: me.


My whole life changed the night I met Sterling Ford.

Brilliant and intense, he came to Valmont with nothing but a scholarship

and a chip on his shoulder. He was a grenade and I wanted to pull the pin.


We were doomed from the first kiss.


I’m not the girl he left behind. I’ve waited for my chance to seize my freedom

and it’s finally in reach until the last person I ever wanted to see again

walks into my father’s funeral: him.




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