“Very good. Stay.”

I turned away, my cock throbbing with the image of her kneeling patiently on the cold marble floor. Patience was one of my strengths but it took every ounce I had not to drop down and fuck her petulant ass for her actions.

That would teach her nothing, even if it would allay my gnawing desire to claim her.

Dropping into a chair by the window, I lounged back and regarded her pale body framed in the moonlight. She was light caught in shadow. Heaven trapped in hell. “Come to me, beautiful.”

Belle immediately began to push onto her feet. That wouldn’t do at all. She needed to be reminded who she belonged to.

“Crawl,” I commanded her.

 She shifted, sliding her palm forward until she was on all fours. Her small tits swung with the movement, putting her pert nipples on display. It was almost as delicious as the slap of her hands and knees on the hard floor. She sauntered toward me, the languid lines of her body reminiscent of a spoiled house cat. 

Come to me pussy cat and let me pet you.

I tucked my jaw against my palm, tapping two fingers on my lips. Tonight’s test would be trying for both of us, but she was already doing well. Belle paused at my feet, her face downcast even as she pushed up and knelt before me.

“You may come closer,” I said in a gentle voice. 

She pressed her cheek to my knee, her eyes closing in a reverent silence as she nuzzled against my slacks. Even through the wool I felt her hot breath.

God, I wanted to take her. Fuck her until she forgot about him and anyone that came before me. Tie her to the bed and make her come until she was begging so hard she didn’t even know what she was asking for anymore.

Reaching forward, I traced her collarbone, trailing my fingers over her slender neck. I could already imagine how she would look in a moment, and I couldn’t wait any longer. My other hand brought the collar to her throat and held it there, giving her time to acclimate to the idea of what was about to happen.

She inhaled sharply as I buckled it around her neck, and I swept a finger under the strap to reassure that she would be able to breathe. That was the trick to a collar. It had to be tight enough that she could feel its pressure without panicking. A loose collar might be permissible in another instance, but tonight she needed a reminder of who the fuck she belonged to.

“Turn around and hold up your hair.”

She looked up at me then with wide eyes. I cupped her chin, stroking her cheek. “You’re doing so well, beautiful. Now turn around.”

She did as she was told. The fact that she resisted the urge to touch her new accessory pleased me. She lifted her hair, exposing the nape of her neck. It was a goddamn beautiful sight, and it only needed one thing. Drawing the gold leash from my pocket, I hooked it through the ring on the buckle, savoring the click as it latched. “Hands and knees.”

There was hesitance this time as if she wasn’t sure what to expect. I allowed the cool chain  to fall across her spine, and when she presented her ass, a small trickle of arousal leaked down her swollen seam and dropped to the floor. Her body shuddered expectantly, already primed for an orgasm.

Not yet, beautiful.

“That made you wet.”  I licked my lips as I drew a finger across her sex, the faint touch releasing another gush. “I leashed you and you nearly came. I took you over, took away your decisions, took away your freedom. And soaking your pussy with want is your response, beautiful. Do you know why?”

Her only response was a whimper.

“You’ve even given up your voice. Everything you are centers around me and what I will allow you. My finger.” I pushed my index finger inside her and found her g-spot. I leaned forward in my chair to get a better view, enjoying the sweet aroma blooming from her hungry cunt. I had to taste it. Pressing one soft kiss on her pussy, I reined myself back in. “My mouth.”

“The hand that holds your tether.” I tugged, forcing her head back. “I took away everything and how do you feel?”

She didn’t have to speak, her answer was written across her. It dripped from her like her arousal had dripped onto the floor. 

She was mine. Completely mine. I could do anything to her, ask anything of her, because I’d freed her from everything but the primitive, wanton creature at her core.

“You’ve given me something precious.” I stood and moved in front of her, allowing her the first glimpse of her leash. Tucking a finger under her chin, I urged her to her knees. Christ, she was radiant, lost in want. “Trust.”

I saw the realization click into place. Her eyes flashed, struggling with the reality, but almost instantaneously the turmoil vanished and a peaceful calm settled over her. It was unfortunate that couldn’t last.

“But now I need to know if I can trust you.”

Now she looked afraid.


The test had been easy until this point.

“Hold this.” I pushed the leash against her mouth until she took it in her teeth. I hadn’t thought it was possible for my dick to get any harder, but seeing her there with the chain held in perfect submission proved otherwise. “You’re so pretty with your mouth dripping gold chain.”

I lifted my foot to her, wondering if she would understand. Belle tugged off my shoe and repeated the action until my feet were bare. It was all part of the ceremony.

All part of making her wait.

Swiftly, I unbuckled my belt and dropped it to the floor. And then she did something I didn’t expect. She held her hands in front of her, the leash still in her mouth, and crossed them at her wrists.

“Please, Sir.” Her words were muffled by her determination not to drop the leash.

“You want those bound, too?” I guessed, bending over to pick the belt back up. “Hands behind your back.”

She crossed them behind her, and I leaned over her, pressing my bulge lewdly against her face as I looped the belt around her wrists. When I straightened up, I surveyed my work as I unbuttoned my trousers to free my cock. She hadn’t sucked me off, an oversight I was eager to remedy.

I smacked my dick against her cheek, knocking the chain free. It spilled down and hung between her breasts. “Do you want this in your mouth?” 

“Yes, Sir.”

Considering her enthusiasm, I suspected she’d considered wrapping her mouth around it already. It was a good sign that she hadn’t.

“In your pussy? Between your tits?” I continued, ignoring her request. “How about up your ass?”

She licked her full, luscious lips as she nodded.

“Now this is important, beautiful. I know other men have fucked you. I wish that wasn’t the case. That somehow I’d found you sooner, because I want to own all of your pleasure. Since I can’t, I’m going to have to spend a lot of time fucking their memory right out of your pretty little head. When I’m finished, your body will only remember me.” I tilted her face higher so that our eyes met. “Men have had your pussy, and judging from the way you licked your lips just now, they’ve had your mouth. Has one come on your tits before?”

I nearly groaned when she shook her head. Bending over so that my mouth hovered close to hers, I asked, “Has one been in your ass?”

“No,” she breathed, squirming.

“Not tonight, beautiful,” I reassured her, brushing a kiss across her sweet mouth. I needed to prepare her for that, even if part of me wanted to shove my dick up her ass on the spot. It wasn’t merely the thought of how tight and raw it would be that tempted me, it was my compulsive need to mark her as my own in every way possible. The moment would come soon enough, if she continued to prove herself. “Those things can wait until you’re ready. You’ve saved them for me after all. I want to take my time when it finally comes. Now suck my cock."